2019 Inductee

2019 inductee Pat Gahn

2019 Inductee Pat Gahn

2019 inductee Pat Gahn has been performing his music in Bisbee, Arizona since the 90s.  His style is all his own.  In his own words, he describes his life in music:

Songs for travelers

Songs for workers

Songs for folks like you

Louisiana born

Highway tested

From Carolina to Alaska

From the Rockies to the Smokies

All the places in between

Songs for outlaws

Songs for farmers

One song for a dog


Out on the ledge

From coalminers to moonshiners

From cattle drives to Cadillacs

Quick draw


From boxcars to motorcycles

From devils to dust

Shifting gears & riding the wild wind

Songs for good times

Songs for hard times

Songs for the world

Spinning at your feet